Thanks for all of the support! I will find out more tomorrow when I go back to the doctor. Several things are not looking favorable so I’m trying to be mentally prepared for anything.
No Running! Doctor’s orders! I could NOT have run yesterday even if that would have been the recommendation, because I felt absolutely dreadful. The hubs had to bring me pain reliever, water, and a heating pad at 11:00pm while I listened to the rain and watched the lightning illuminate the bedroom every few minutes. Then by 11:15pm I was once again listening to the sound of hubs’ deep, peaceful breathing mixed with my moans and groans. I realized I made it through the night when the alarm went off at its usual 4:30am setting. So, I guess I got some shut-eye eventhough it unquestionably didn’t feel like it.

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4 Responses to Waiting

  1. Donna Jane says:

    sending love support & prayers! Please take care of yourself and know we love you so very much! See you soon!

  2. You have such a neat, warm writing style! I am thrilled to follow you and be friends this way, too.

    As for the most important matter at hand, we are praying, Pam.

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