Blood work revealed that it is either ectopic or a miscarriage. I have another appointment on Monday for more blood work to see if they can determine which one.

Emotionally, I am in survival mode trying to remain a little detached from the situation. My ectopic pregnancy 18 months ago was one of the most devastating, rollercoaster experiences of my life. We went from feeling ecstatic to distraught in a matter of weeks. Protecting us from these feelings is top priority now.

Since I have a fear of dying from a ruptured tube, I am following the doctor’s advice of no physical activity. OF COURSE, I had already registered for a 5K (Running the Hills) TODAY! Bummer!! (Really down about that) Part of my brain thinks, “Listen to the doctor. No running.” The other part thinks, “Could it get any worse?” “I was running last week before I found out and I’m still alive.” “It’s only a 5K.” The list could go on, but I’ll take it easy for now and get back to training soon. The Crescent City Classic 10K is on April 23 and I will probably run it for fun and not for time.

In an effort to keep my mind off of the race today, I will post pictures of Terri and I running in the Warrior Dash on March 5. These pictures always make me smile and lift my spirits!

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14 Responses to Survival

  1. TINA DESSELLE says:

    Your strength and courage are amazing. The pics from Warrior Dash are awesome. Your spirit shines through in them. So many things I want to convey but words don’t seem appropriate. My heart goes truly goes out to you. You are an incredible person.

  2. Christy Lemoine says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. We love you.

  3. Shelby Dupuy says:

    Pam, words just can’t express how deeply I feel for you. You are an inspiration with your positive outlook. I’m still hoping to run a 5k with you one of these days, if I can ever get past week 3 on couch to 5k!!

  4. Julie says:

    Know that we all care so much and are here if you need us………… strong as you continue your journey and never forget your faith.
    And I must add I so love the pics you posted……… fun that must have been…….

  5. Shine on, bright star! You are always inspiring in everything you do – dancing, friendship, RUNNING! I have always had you in the balcony of my life —- thinking of you a lot today, tomorrow, the next day…for a lifetime. I (we) are a phone call away.

  6. Shannon Jeansonne says:

    Stay strong!!! I can relate to your hearbreak and I hate that you’re having to go through this. Have faith, God has a plan….
    The “worrior pics” are hilarious…Your energy and drive are truly infectious!!! By the way, I’m doing 5K these days, but not ready for 10 yet…:-/

  7. Sheila says:

    We are thinking and praying for both you and Marcel every day. I know there are no words that can comfort you, so just know that so many people care for and love you guys. Yall are such an inspiration!

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