You never know what you’ll find (or no longer find) at our local supermarket. Today I went in search of avocado and other salad ingredients I’ve been craving. Of course, NO avocado. In the place where the avocado is usually located sits about 15 mangoes. This is wonderful because I love mangoes, we rarely have mangoes, and the May issue of Runner’s World stated that mangoes are “rich in vitamins A and C and potassium, a mineral key for balancing electrolyte levels. A study published in 2010 reported antioxidant compounds (called tannins) found in mangoes can inhibit the growth of the most common type of breast- and colon-cancer cells.”

Go get your mangoes! They are in season March to July.

On a personal note, my running partner and I walked 2 miles today. I’m so thankful that she is being so supportive. I didn’t want to hold her back so I tried a slow jog, but couldn’t do it without pain in my abdomen. Ughhh! I will try again tomorrow after having more blood work. (The doctor has to follow me until my hcg levels are zero.)

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