(Non)pregnancy Update

I was more prepared to enter the OB/GYN waiting room yesterday, because I knew they wouldn’t take my advice and create a separate waiting room for pregnant women and those who want to be pregnant. This time I was mentally primed for the pregnant women conversations about due dates, baby names, contractions, nursery colors, and every other topic I listened to on Monday. I arrived geared up with my “Warrior Dash” race shirt, running shorts and running shoes. The only things missing were my warrior face paint and warrior helmet. What a sight I was to see in a room of primly dressed women! However, to my surprise the waiting room of pregnant women on this day was silent, hushed, and almost tranquil. I secretly hope they were too flabbergasted at the sight of my warrior garb to speak.

The blood work yesterday showed that my hcg levels have dropped significantly which is what is supposed to be happening. I’ve always heard the saying that you can’t be a “little bit pregnant” but that is how I feel. I woke up in the middle of the night with sharp, shooting pains in my lower abdomen and feeling very nauseated. I have also acquired this new layer of belly fat probably from not being able to workout and from eating everything I felt like eating for the past couple of weeks.

 After the blood work, I made a slow but happy return to running with my running partner, Terri. We walked 1 mile and then ran 1.5 miles in City Park. (Today we ran 2 miles.) I keep telling myself that I will make it back to my 10 mile runs and I will be prepared to run Crescent City Classic in 15 days!

As a follow-up to my “Mango” post, here is a pic of the mango salsa the hubs made last night to put on top of the red snapper he grilled. Very Yummy!

Mango Salsa

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One Response to (Non)pregnancy Update

  1. Salad = yummy!!!

    As for livejournal, I found out that you have to have an account to read other people’s journals. I imagine that’s a whole lot of trouble, but if you ever venture out, let me know and I’ll give you our user details.

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