Crescent City Classic Part I

We are back from New Orleans. The Crescent City Classic was awesome. On Friday Terri and I went to the Expo and purchased some great gear. We each bought a SPI belt that you will see us wearing in the race pictures. Terri also found the perfect magnet, “You don’t have to go fast. You just have to go.”
Terri’s Magnet 

The C.L.L.O.L.A. team decided to run it easy and have fun as you can tell from our attire. The feathers are our attempt to try to stand out in a race of over 20,000 runners.

7am - Ready to Run

More pictures and details will follow later! Now I have to prepare for the 50 or so people we are expecting for Easter dinner tomorrow!

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One Response to Crescent City Classic Part I

  1. Way to go, boo! You guys look flashy in the best of ways!

    Happy Easter and good luck with your festivities!

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