New Experience

The alarm went off at 4am and I considered rolling over and going back to sleep. However, I rolled myself out of bed and to the coffeepot for a strong cup of coffee. After getting dressed and brushing my teeth, I ate a PB&J, fixed my running water bottle, and I was out the door for 5am. It was a 45- minute drive to connect with a running group that meets every Saturday. This was my first time running with a large practice group and I was apprehensive about showing up without knowing any of the runners.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the crowd gathering and warming up. I bypassed everyone and headed inside for the bathroom. Inside, I took deep breaths to calm down and tell myself that this is a new, tiny version of an adventure. With that minuscule pep talk, I got the courage and self-assurance I needed to walk out into the crowd. At that moment, the runners took off at a faster pace than I was expecting and I was the last person running down the street as the sun was rising. I didn’t want to get left behind because I knew with my horrible sense of direction I would get lost in this new running town I had just discovered.

Thankfully some of the runners began to slow down and I was able to pass a few of them. Soon the runners fell into natural groups of three to five runners. My group was talkative and by mile-3 I was able to converse in between my semi-labored breathing. This run was HILLY and I could feel myself struggling on each uphill since I only have the opportunity to run on flat roads.

It ended up being a challenging, fun run and I was able to meet some terrific people. I have to admit that I was a little sad to see the 7-mile run finish. So when a small group announced that they were going for another 3, the runner stretching next to me asked if I wanted to run some more, and I jumped at the chance.

In the midst of being curious, a tad bit adventurous, and definitely venturing outside of my comfort zone, a great offer for this summer came into my life. Now the question is, “Do I take the offer?” There are pros and cons to it… so I’m making another LIST!

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2 Responses to New Experience

  1. Go for it – whatever it is! Life is about the leaps of faith!

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