Jane Fonda Revisited

A few months ago I was training consistently, teaching a group fitness class and logging in the miles. It didn’t take long before I was worn out physically and mentally. In an effort to alleviate this feeling, I stopped teaching a class and yesterday joined a gym and took a group fitness class. What a great feeling of freedom! I didn’t have to think as much and I could enjoy the movement, free expression, and a little bit of abandonment. Don’t get me wrong; I still love teaching group fitness classes. For now, though, this is the break I need.

 I have to admit that I always feel slightly intimidated when walking into a new class filled with a room of people. Yesterday was no exception. When I entered the room I could feel eyes following me in the mirror, but I took a deep breath, walked up to a person in the front and asked what equipment I would need for the class. The instructor nicely, but firmly, told me to get a step with no risers and a light 9 lb. barbell.

 The instructor led us through an efficient 10-minute warm-up, 40 minutes of step class, 8-minutes of ab work, and 2 minutes of cool-down stretching. Midway I began to sweat and feel my heart rate going up. I love that feeling! (I’m sure it sounds weird that I love to sweat and get my heart rate up, but I do.) The class was lively, and once I understood the cues I was able to have fun. It brought back fond memories of the 80s and Jane Fonda, but with an updated twist.

 I’m feeling some muscle soreness but it’s definitely from the weight lifting I did in the weight room before the step class.

 Back: -One Arm Rows: 3 sets

-Reverse Fly: 3 sets

-Bent Over Rows: 3 sets

Biceps: -Incline Dumbbell Curl: 3 sets

-Standing Hammer Curls: 3 sets

-Concentrator Curls with Bar: 3 sets

I think this gym membership will have big benefits for the summer. I can’t wait to try more classes. I’ve never tried a spin class so that is on my list and so is Zumba!

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