Life Purpose???

I ran 7.85 miles yesterday morning with Terri. Why not 8 miles? I had to stop to go to the bathroom even though I barely drank during the run. The nearest bathroom was at the church, so I RAN to the oversized brass covered doors, entered the dark church lit only by candles, and used the tiny, understated bathroom. Oh what a relief! By the time I came out, Terri was finishing her run and we stretched in the parking lot.

My thoughts were consumed with finding a bathroom for the last 3 miles of the run. (I run on the shoulder of a major highway with very few houses.) I knew there was a gas station closer than the church, but you have to go inside to ask for a key. I also wasn’t so certain that the new owners still had those old, public restrooms on the side of the gas station. For that reason, I decided to pick up speed and run for the church!

The first several miles were relaxing compared to the ending. I let my mind wander back to my big “life” question. I usually keep my mind focused more on the run and body awareness, but yesterday I decided to meditate on “life purpose” and “gifts.”

 Here is what I came up with on the run:

I believe that we are all unique in the gifts and talents we are given. Discerning our talents and gifts is key to living fully and passionately. Sharing our talents and gifts with the world puts us on the track toward our life purpose. I find myself pondering this often. Am I living with the awareness of my dreams and desires? Am I being open to accept God’s guidance?

Do you ever think about your talents and gifts?

 Happy Running and Pondering this week!

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