Friday is Here

I’m so HAPPY it’s Friday and I only have 1 week left of work before summer vacation!

 Highlights from this week:

Chocolate Almond Pies

Peaceful Run at Sunset (That’s my shadow on the tree)

Winky, swinging herself and smiling

Running and Workouts

I only logged in a total of 6 miles from Sunday – Friday. I know that’s terrible, but tomorrow will be a longer run. (HOPEFULLY) The ball of my foot is giving me trouble again. It feels like it’s bruised. I looked it up and the location of the pain is where the sesamoid bones are located.

I only made it to the gym once this week, but it was a great workout! I did an intensive chest and tricep workout before taking my second step class. This instructor was faster, but I liked her style. She kept us moving and ended with an awesome ab workout.

Happy Friday!!

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