Ice Cold


Yesterday I completed 9.65 miles with Terri. At mile 6 the ball of my foot started bothering me again, but I kept going while waiting for it to subside. Well, the pain never did diminish and I ended up icing it when I got home. I’m still trying to get used to icing. I do NOT like to be cold! Does anyone get used to doing this after a run?

Randomness from the Weekend:

I had the opportunity to randomly meet some really neat people this weekend at different events over the past couple of days. I love it when I meet someone new and they make an impact that I know will stay with me. One person left me with two quotes:

 “Don’t worry about what you don’t have.”

“Do what makes you happy and enjoy where you are now.”

 I think I was able to get in about 2 sentences into that conversation. However, it was a great pleasure listening to her wealth of knowledge and I hope our paths cross again.

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One Response to Ice Cold

  1. Feel better, footsie!

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