Overcoming Fears

Instead of running with a run group one hour away, I ran 8.5 miles by myself yesterday. This was my first solo long run. It was more of a mental challenge because I could never run more than 3 or 4 miles by myself. Fears that have held me back from going on a solo long run:

1.       Dogs – I am scared of all dogs!

  1. Abduction – Don’t laugh, but when I am running on the shoulder of a major highway I think about how easy it would be for someone to pull over and grab me.

 Do you have any fears when you are running/walking?

What changed yesterday:

1.  I knew I had a long day and I could get an extra hour of needed sleep if I ran close to home by myself.

2. I really wanted to face my fears and challenge myself.

3. I need to be able to run long distances and be comfortable doing it by myself.

 My Run:

I always park in front of the church and begin my run from there. I usually park and go inside the church for one last bathroom stop before the run begins. Yesterday, the priest was in front of the church talking to a maintenance man when I approached in my bright yellow running gear. I felt the need to explain to Father that I was going into the church for a quick bathroom break, but he didn’t seem to mind.

 I started my run up and down the short roads in the sleepy town, found my way to the small walking track, did several laps there, and headed back toward the town hall. I ran through the post office parking lot, around the bank drive-thru, crossed a bridge and started my run toward the major highway. On the highway I did 2 miles and turned back toward our little town. I love the feeling of freedom when I’m on the highway. Some days I feel like I could make it out of our village and keep on going wherever my feet could take me…

 I made my way back to the walking track to do more laps to complete the 8.5 miles. While on the track I hear a horn blowing and I look toward the road and see the hubs waving and turning his truck around. He later told me he drove the route I told him I was taking to check on me. He’s one of the reasons I always turn around on the highway and come back to the village.

What helps calm my fears:

My Spi Belt with mace inside that I wear around my waist.


Dance Recital:

I make it home, shower, get dressed, and jump into my car. After driving for an hour, I arrive at the dance recital for the studio at which I used to work. I go back every year to manage the backstage and to see my dance “family.” There is always some chaos backstage, but there is also an overwhelming feeling of peace among these dancers. First show was at 1:00, followed by shows at 3:00, 5:00, and 7:00pm. I made it home for 10:00pm and was exhausted. However, I didn’t sleep much because my hurt foot was throbbing. At midnight I had to get out of bed to take pain reliever. Ughhh!

Favorite Quotes from someone yesterday:

“You can’t just make lists of things you want in life. You have to act on them and make them happen.”

“If he doesn’t get out of this town to pursue his passion, he could get stuck here forever.”

I think about how both of these apply to my life. Do they apply to you?

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