The Perfect Run

The Perfect Run – The wind at your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends by your side. – Aaron Douglas Trimble

I guess you could say that Saturday was a perfect run…

My running partner had developed the habit of walking during most of our runs. We would start out together but after 2 or 3 miles she would tell herself that she needed to walk a little. Therefore, we would start together but never finish together. Now she believed that she could no longer complete a long run without walking breaks. I told her that on Saturday she would not stop to walk and she didn’t need to stop to walk. I tried to assure her before the run that it was all in her mind, but I really don’t think I had her convinced.

We started the run as usual and when we reached 2.5 miles I could tell she was ready to walk. I talked to her to get her mind off of walking and we trudged forward. She was clueless to my plan for this run. I wanted to prove to her that she could once again complete a long run without stopping to walk. Thankfully she didn’t wear her running watch and I kept her in the “mileage dark” until her third request. At that point we were at 4 miles and progressing ahead on the shoulder of the highway. I continued to talk to her…telling stories, discussing the news, and doing body and running form checks. At mile 6 she really began to wonder how far this run would take us. “How…far…are …we…running?” “Until we make it back to the car,” I replied with a smile as we turned to make the final trek back to our destination. My plan was to complete 8.5 miles. When we made it to the car, we had achieved 8.67 miles. Drenched in sweat, eyes filled with tears, we hugged as I told her, “It was all in your mind. I knew you could do it.”

Two friends side-by-side, with the wind at our backs and the sun rising in front of us, we had the perfect run.


Saturday – 8.67 miles

Sunday – 2 miles

Monday – 6.4 miles

Tuesday – 4.1 miles

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 3.5 miles

Friday – Rest

Weekly Total: 24.67 miles (without any walking breaks)

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3 Responses to The Perfect Run

  1. cllola says:

    The support, coaching, and companionship of my friend——————priceless. Thank you for digging me out of that hole I was in. You’re right–it was a perfect run! Let there be many more……………

  2. You’ve always been an inspiring teacher! So good to see you in Louisiana!

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