Workout Day

 Terri, Marcia, and I went to the gym today and took 2 new classes. Muscle Max was first and consisted of free weights and resistance tubes. The motivating instructor challenged our endurance and strength. At the moment I thought I couldn’t complete another rep, she called out in her deep, military voice, “MOVE IT, MOVE IT!” I loved it! It kept me going and made me smile. I can’t wait to take more of her classes.

The second class was Yoga. When the instructor positioned the three of us in the front, I thought it was so we would be able to see her and follow along. As the class progressed, I changed my mind. I think she wanted to be able to see us and watch our form, because she continuously was walking over to one or another of us, and gently giving us direction. I really respect an instructor who takes the time to guide and assist patrons. As you would expect, we stretched, extended, flexed, and lengthened muscles. She led us through the Sun Salutations and after a short while my back didn’t feel like saluting the sun anymore, but I hung in there. After the class my body felt enlivened and my mind steadied.

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