Step It Up

 Tuesday: Step Blast!!

This class is best described by the name. It is a Step class and it is a blast!! This is the third time Terri and I take this class, but this time was extreme. Midway through this fast-paced class I was drenched in sweat and working hard. I’m not sure why the class was so intense this week, but I loved it! The dynamic instructor kept us moving the entire hour. Before one step was finished, she was calling out the next step. Over the top, horseshoe, over, diagonal, A-step, and on and on. (Just the way I like it!) You have to stay mentally focused while being swift with your movements.

The move that made my legs shake and calf muscles quiver was a squat while elevated on the balls of the feet. What made it even more grueling was holding it for 16-counts and pulsing for 16-counts, repeatedly.

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