Physical Therapy or Spa Day?

I had the best, professional experience at the physical therapy office. The therapist took his time with his thorough examination and the therapy process. Dare I say that I actually enjoyed the experience? I felt like I was at a spa. During each process the therapist or other technician would ask if I would like something to drink, if I was comfortable, or if I would like a magazine to read.

 During the first part of the treatment, Iontophoresis, a small device was utilized. It uses a low-volt direct electrical current, an ion, acting as an anti-inflammatory medicine. 

Here I am relaxing, reading a magazine, propped up on pillows while the electrical current is going through my foot for 20 minutes.  The next part of the session was the ultrasound. The ultrasound is essentially a machine that uses sound waves to generate heat within my foot. They put a little gel on the sound head and my foot. Then, in a circular motion, they rubbed the sound head on my foot. This loosened up tissues to allow them to respond better to stretches. 

At the end of the session, the therapist massaged my foot and showed me stretching exercises to do everyday.

 I was impressed with every person that I came into contact with at this office. Everyone was friendly, accommodating, and compassionate. I was taken aback by the superior quality of the service. FINALLY, something is getting done! The only dreadful factor is No Running for a Few Days! (Oh well, cross-training here I come!)

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