3 Days of Workouts

Tuesday – Swam laps with a kick-board for 1 hour. (Not really 1 hour because I was so out of breath after each lap that I would hang on to the side of the pool to catch my breath before doing another.)

Wednesday – swam laps for 40 minutes. (Still out of breath after each lap)

I slowly heaved myself out of the pool, dried off, and finally found the courage to take my first spin class. I was so intimidated by the dark room full of shiny, slim bikes and the stories of burning leg muscles that it took a whole month before crossing the threshold of that glass door. Once inside I approached the instructor and confessed that I was a newbie. She was so accommodating. I chose a bike in the back corner and she showed me how to set my bike seat, pedals, handlebars, and tension. Before I knew it, the lights were dimmed, the jamming 60’s music began to fill the air, and the instructor in front of the class established her presence by calling out commands into her headset. After the warm-up we were guided through steady up-tempo cadences, sprints, and climbs. “Climb out of the saddle,” shouted the instructor. All of the riders in the room simultaneously rose as one. “Back down and sprint,” she yelled. The class sat as pedals spun faster and riders grimaced with exertion…sweat trickling down our faces, necks, arms, legs, and BODIES. One hour of increasing the tension on the bike and climbing hills, then down and increasing cadences. Up, down, increase tension, decrease tension, climb, sprint…EXHAUSTED! 


  • An effective, powerful class
  • Energized atmosphere
  • You are ultimately in control of your own workout
  • No extra equipment needed. Only a towel for wiping sweat and a water bottle.
  • Fun!!


  • I feel a bruise from the seat on a place on my body where I’ve never been bruised :-/
  • For maximum effect, you really have to push yourself at times when it would be so easy to release the tension or slow down.

Wednesday afternoon – back to therapy. Good News: The therapist told me to go for a short run. No problem!


  • Short 3 mile run
  • Total Body Sculpt class at the gym
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2 Responses to 3 Days of Workouts

  1. Allyson and I were talking about spin class last night. I’ve never done one, but she says they are brutal in a good way!

  2. Go for it!! It’s a great workout!

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