A Little of This and That

I started my week off with great running mileage, but my foot is NOT happy! After physical therapy on Tuesday, I went to the gym and swam a few laps and worked on breathing. Wednesday I went back to the gym with Terri and Marcia. We took a spin class and a “Muscle Max” class. This was my second spin class and it was tougher than the first. At the beginning of the class I was jamming and singing along in my head to the 70’s rock music that the instructor had playing. It didn’t take long for the intensity to be at a maximum. My legs were aching and I was wiping sweat from my face, arms, and neck. I wasn’t singing in my head anymore. My whoha still felt bruised from the first class and I could tell I was only adding to the soreness.

We all survived without stopping or puking. With legs quivering like gelatin, we ambled into the next class for “Muscle Max” with weights and resistance bands. Our plan was to take a third class, but we were drained.

Thursday – I had physical therapy in the morning and then met the girls at the pool for swimming and some sun.

No Running planned for this weekend…girl trip instead!

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