Run SMART Retreat Recap

“The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength within you.” – Unknown

Day 1: Sunday, July 24

The trip to the Run SMART retreat in Arizona began at 6:15am at the Alexandria Airport. We arrived early and anxiously began the wait with high expectations for our running retreat journey to begin. We are modeling the silver run bracelets Terri presented Marcia and I with at the beginning of our trip.

 We made it to Dallas where our flight to Phoenix was delayed, delayed some more, and delayed again. We were getting restless and at first thought about joining the planking madness. Here is Terri planking with the help of Marcia.

 And planking on her suitcase. Go Terri! Good Form!

However, instead of planking we decided to do what we call “relaying.” We are relaying a Kindle, magazine, and book. Can you tell we had a lot of time on our hands?


Upon arriving in Phoenix, we had to wait a couple of hours for the next shuttle to Flagstaff since we missed our original shuttle. Ughhh!

We finally made it to Flagstaff and were greeted by coach Mike Smith.

 Coach Mike drove us to the hotel for a meet and greet with dinner.

Here is the awesome Saucony swag that we were given. Look at those sweet Kinvara 2 running shoes! (2 cute shirts, 3 pairs of Saucony socks, a pair of running shorts, and a rope for stretching)

Long day but we made it to Flagstaff!

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