What a Day!

“There are clubs you can’t belong to, neighborhoods you can’t live in, schools you can’t get into, but the roads are always open.”  -Nike

A1 Mountain Road Run was the day of my first 12-mile run! This day had the feel of running through a lush forest. The backdrop of this mountainous landscape was herds of elk and cows grazing in the wooded wilderness. The cows looked at us curiously as we ran by, but for the most part disregarded our presence.

(I’m in the purple shirt and green shorts)

Our elevation was 7,600 feet at the drop-off point and by mile 6 we had climbed to 7,800 feet. I focused on my labored breathing for these first 6 miles (mainly because the pressure on my chest and lungs was like nothing I’ve experienced). We (Shakeena, Kathy, Nathan, Marcia, and I) took it slow in the beginning for the demanding climb, and negative-split the last six miles. In contrast, the last 6 miles were slightly downhill and felt much better ending at about 7,300 feet.

Coach Vince Sherry met us with GU infused water at mile 9, 6, 3, and at our finish. We talked along the trail with Kathy and Nathan giving us running tips and helping us count our cadence.

 Minor injuries on my first 12-miler:

  • Blister on one toe
  • Bleeding between two toes from a toenail cutting into it. (I know! Gross!)
  • Another abrasion from my running bra. (Just when I thought I had solved this problem!)
  • Chafing between my upper-inner thighs from the friction. (I know! I know! How GROSS!)

 At the end we all felt fulfilled with this rewarding run!

Coach Vince hurriedly drove us back to the hotel for the Nutrition class with Alicia Shay. I learned a great deal about a gluten-free diet, and that’s a good thing since the hubs told me before the trip that he wanted to begin the process of switching to a gluten-free diet. (Hmmm…I wonder how that will work this weekend in New Orleans)

 At the end of the session, Terri, Marcia, and I changed into our swimsuits and rested by the pool before dinner.

 Dinner was my favorite…SUSHI! We went to Karma Sushi Bar and Grill.


After dinner there was a cooking demo for a gluten-free cake at A Seasoned Kitchen. It was very tasty!

While walking back to the hotel, we noticed a Salsa dance lesson being taught in an open courtyard area of downtown Flagstaff. Music… dancing…I’m there!! I practically ran into the arms of the instructor and we SALSA danced.

My kind of day – a 12-mile run and dancing!!!

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  1. All wonderful! I have soooo enjoyed your adventures!

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