Day 5: Run SMART Recap

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

After a bumpy ride on a rutted, rough road, we arrived at Sunset Trail. The coaches and staff agreed to pose for pictures before the run. (Vince Sherry, Alicia Shay, Brian Rosetti, Mike Smith, Erin Strout)

The run started out at 8,000 feet and went up to 9,000 feet. For 2 miles the trail climbed up, up, up. It was the most strenuous, challenging run of the week. I had to walk several parts of the narrow, uphill path.

I make it to the top, hear Coach Mike say “Good Job,” walk in a circle a couple of times to prepare for the descent and take off. It’s fast…faster than Sedona. I feel like I might need a Supermanwoman cape in case my feet leave the ground.

I see this rock that looks good for sitting, relaxing, but I’m flying now with that high, soaring feeling. (Am I airborne??? :0)) I bypass that smooth, lie-on-the-top-of-me looking rock, but right now I wish I could be back there reclining on top.

On the downhill, I find myself alone, carried by the breeze and the swift decline of the trail. My spirit soars down the path with my body. I’m trying to take in the sounds, smells, and sights around me while snapping pictures without stopping. As a result, I have several blurry shots.

At the bottom we take our relaying photo. (Me, Terri, Marcia relaying wild flowers)

We received a special treat at the end of the run. The fire department arrived and began stretching and warming-up for their run. Oh What a Sight!!!

Back at the hotel we have “Optimal Training” with Dr. Jack Daniels. Then we’re off to lunch at the university.

Our afternoon session is “Restorative Yoga” with Sarah Sherry. This is our “No Evil” pose. (thanks to Kc for the pic)

Picture with the yoga instructor, Sarah Sherry.

Dinner was on our own and Kc snapped a great picture of our night on the town.

(Me, Marcia, Terri)

Strut it girls!

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4 Responses to Day 5: Run SMART Recap

  1. Love your pictures and your Robert Frost quote!

  2. cllola says:

    Love that last pic. Are we in Flagstaff or perhaps Paris?!

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