Edwin Edwards

Monday is back to work day for me. It’s also almost time to begin my marathon training for the Louisiana Marathon. Right now I’m sticking with shorter runs because of the heat. Monday was a 3-mile run. Today was a gym day with one hour of spinning and one hour of strength training. Both were great workouts.

 I’m wondering how I will run in this heat? I’ve been doing early morning runs, but after this weekend that won’t be possible with work. That means I’ll have to run in the evening when it is still in the 90s.  Oh well, just do it! 🙂

 I also need to decide what training plan to use. Does anyone use the Jeff Galloway Plan? Hal Higdon? Marathonrookie.com? Any suggestions?

Last night I went to the book signing for Edwin Edwards. He is the only governor to be elected four times as governor in the history of the state of Louisiana.  Here is a quote that CBS news wrote on whether Edwards, 84, can keep up with his new bride, who is 51 years his junior. Edwards said, “A man is only as old as the woman he feels.” Ha

If you don’t know anything about Edwards or his prison sentence, google him. He’s quite an interesting man.

Here I am leaning over Edwards as he signs my book. His wife is sitting by his side.

 I also took my picture with the author of the book, Leo Honeycutt.
Early morning run planned for the morning.
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