Kissing Summer Good-Bye

The days are growing shorter.

The sun is setting earlier. As we were finishing our Thursday run, I was surprised to see how dark it was so early in the evening.

It’s still summer by the calendar, but its days are numbered.

Summer is my favorite season and this summer shined on me. I savored it.

I don’t mind getting hot and sweaty. I know I’ll miss it, even though it is difficult to run in this heat. I would rather be outside on a sweltering day in the sizzling sun than to be outside on a bitter, wintry day.

As the season begins to change, I’m more aware of time’s non-stop advance. It’s charging forward.

It reminds me of my goal to relish every moment, to live with intent, and create my own adventures. As I am looking at the upcoming calendar, I am quoting Franklin Roosevelt: “To reach a port, we must sail. – Sail, not tie at anchor. – Sail, not drift.”

I am filling my calendar with 10K races, half-marathons, a marathon, several Broadway plays, supper clubs, and travels. (Oh…and work…and a technology conference…and a presentation at a librarian conference…and train, train, train, run, run, run)

Make your fall lists! Add at least one new experience and share it here. Maybe it will be something someone else would like to consider.

Be watching for a list of some of my upcoming races.

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4 Responses to Kissing Summer Good-Bye

  1. Julie says:

    What I would like to accomplish this fall…………..what I WILL ACCOMPLISH THIS FALL/WINTER!
    I like to start with the things that STRESS me the most!
    1. The organization of my office at home.
    2. Organization of pictures. Putting in albums etc.
    3. Routine walking and weight training.
    Ummmmm, if I can accomplish these…………..I will be one really happy girl!
    FunFun Stuff!
    1. At least one broadway play.
    2. To attend one of those group painting parties.
    3. Planning our San Francisco spring trip!
    4. At least one hiking/trail adventure.
    So, here is the start of mine 🙂

    • Julie, GREAT list! I love the idea of the hiking/trail adventure. I think I’ll steal it and add it to my list, too. Actually, all of your fun list is awesome! (I could use help with the organization part…I’m terrible!)

  2. Love your quote and I am sorry summer is over 😦 Personally I love both summer and fall and am excited for fall weather, wardrobe and races! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

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