12 Miles & A Photo Booth

“Every day is a good day when you run.”
-Kevin Nelson

I rested for 4 days. I did the ice, Epsom salt bath, stretches, and strengthening exercises. We went for the long run today. We were aiming for 11 miles. We started out easy and slow. The weather was beautiful, cool with a slight breeze, and the sun was just coming up. Terri and I had each had a nice breakfast, so we were fueled. Everything felt right.

The first two miles seemed to drag by, but after that I lost track. Before I knew it we were at mile 6, then 7. At mile 7 we were in one of our new running places on a dirt road. Today the dirt road was bumpy and rutted with tractor tire imprints, but we plodded ahead. By mile 8, I could really feel my IT band issue hurting the side of my knee, but we were too far from the car to stop. Around 9 ½ miles, we both stopped to pick up a stick as we approached this house with 2 big dogs. We walked quietly for a few feet in front of this house so as not to rouse the dogs. After dropping the sticks we continued our run and the pain was radiating from my knee to my hip. I kept running while banging my fist against my hip to try to loosen it up. I decided to pick up the speed a little. My thinking was the faster I can make it to the car, the sooner I can stretch. I pushed on until I heard Terri yell, “Woo-Hoo.” I knew we had made it to twelve!

We stretched and my knee felt better until I sat down at home and tried to stand. I had to go for a short walk to loosen it up again.

Overall, the run felt great. If I wouldn’t have this knee issue, it would have been almost perfect.

**Note: So proud of my running partner, Terri. This was her first 12 mile run and her pace was impressive!

To celebrate we went to the movies to see “Contagion.” Before going into the movie, we took our picture at one of those little photo booths. (In the 3rd pic, I was holding up a 1 and 2 to represent our 12 miles, but it came out backwards. Hopefully this means that we will be able to complete 21 miles one day soon.)

Not sure about that last picture, so don’t call me.

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One Response to 12 Miles & A Photo Booth

  1. cllola says:

    That was a top ranking run for sure. Still in disbelief!! Couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to do it without my coach….take care of knee…….and merci beaucoup!

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