Long Run & Alligators

It’s a “first.”

I did my first solo long run on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and I started the run at sunrise. The mixture of the reds, pinks, and blues in the morning sky reminded me of the layers of colors of the Sedona Mountains. I made it 12 miles and it felt wonderful. I can still feel the IT band, but it is much better. I’ve been doing massages, stretches and exercises.

I also went on my first alligator hunt. It was strangely peaceful during the boat ride to each hook set.

As we approached each tree where the hook and bait were located, I could feel a kick of adrenaline. A mixture of adrenaline and anticipation can be felt in your heart and stomach as the line is slowly pulled to the surface. Then all of a sudden you are face-to-face with an alligator. The shooter does his job and the alligator is pulled into the boat.

After we arrived back at the camp, all of the hunters put the day’s catch together for a group photo.

Alligator hunting wasn’t on any of my lists, but when the opportunity presented itself this weekend, I jumped at the chance. I’m so thrilled I did! It will undeniably be a highlight of 2011.

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One Response to Long Run & Alligators

  1. Pam, the scenery of alligator hunting is just spectacular! I’d love to see it one day and I hope to be able to show Piers, too. The problem is I’d be scared. That’s one small boat! But, you survived and you have a smile on your face, so that’s encouraging.

    So, so, so proud to follow your progress!

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