Back to Running

It’s back to running time! I have taken over a week off from running to try to heal my IT Band. It is driving me crazy! I finally had a sports massage yesterday and it released most of the pain. It feels very sore, but I am going for a run this evening. I am running with no expectations or goals…just running.

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2 Responses to Back to Running

  1. daydreamsandshoestrings says:

    Hi! I found your blog through Claim Your Journey (Run LA). I read through some of your posts…and am sorry to hear about your IT troubles!! I had IT band issues about 10 years ago…and to this day I still have phantom pains!! I think you are doing the right thing by taking it slow and listening to your body. I also saw that you signed up for the Gulf Coast Half Mararthon…this will be my first Half Marathon!!

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