Gulf Coast Half Marathon Part 1

Terri and I drove to Mandeville the day before the race to pick up our packets and check into our hotel. The hubs took our picture as we were saying good-bye. (Even Winky, our dog, showed up to wish us luck.)

After driving almost 3 hours we arrived at Varsity Sports for race packet pick-up. This store is packed with anything a runner could need or want. We explored for awhile and grabbed our packets. I was elated when I saw the race numbers. This was my first number with my name on it. (I guess it doesn’t take much to please me.) Love it!

From Varsity we walked to A Broken Egg restaurant for a relaxing outdoor brunch. I had a delicious shrimp creole omelet, and we posed for a picture after the meal.

After eating, we walked around the quaint town. The houses were charming and the road on the lakefront, picturesque. I knew we would be running this scenic route on the following day, so I took it all in. The sight of people bike riding, walking, fishing. Huge, old oak trees with branches touching the ground. The sounds of the waves of Lake Pontchartrain crashing against the bulkhead. The smells mingling from nearby seafood restaurants. What a beautiful place to run!

To finish off the evening, we checked into our hotel, went to church, and ate at The Beachside Grill. We turned in early in hopes of getting a long night of sleep.

The race had an early start time of 7:00am which ended up being a good thing since I couldn’t sleep from the anticipation. We made it to the start at Fontainebleau State Park, found the restroom, and quickly lined up at the start.

To Be Continued…

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