Susan G. Komen for the Cure

I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.  ~Anne Frank

Before the 5K begins, the survivors walk one block. They are lined up by years of survival and they wear a pink ribbon pin on the side of their cap. One pick ribbon for each year. I look at the caps and find some with only 1 or 2 and then others with 9 or 10. My eyes fill with tears when I see women younger than I am. I choke up when I see women who could be my sister or mother or grandmother.

These women hold their heads up as they proceed down the road with their caps, bandanas, wigs, scarves, etc. I see hot pink feather boas, pink cowboy hats, pink sequins, and long, pink flamingo-like feathers…all representing strength to me. They are warriors and these are part of the artillery, the body armor.

Six thousand people from several surrounding communities have come together to honor the survivors and remember others. This event is a reminder to do self breast exams, get mammograms, and notice changes to your breasts. Visit for more information.

This was my second year to run this. It is a moving experience. The spectators are wonderful. People who live along the route decorate their yards with pink balloons, flamingoes, and ribbons tied around trees. Homes are adorned with pink door wreaths and ribbons over doorways.

At the end of the run, local businesses are generously giving water, fruit, granola bars, jambalaya, pasta, fruit cups, and chicken sandwich bites. Others have pens, pencils, cups, drink holders, key chains, scarves, samples of Caltrate, and coupons.

This race represents 1 year of running for Terri and I. This was our very first 5K that we did before we started running. We started running the week after this event. It was a stirring experience then, and it was again this year.

Photo Credit: Kathy Bennett
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