New Orleans Weekend

After running the Crescent City Fall Classic 5k, we went back to our hotel to shower and get ready for Rock of Ages musical. I am a huge fan of the 80s and “Rock of Ages” takes you back to big bands with big hair and big egos. We took out our hairspray, teased our hair, and dressed in our 80s attire.

Me & Terri

At the musical we rocked to the music of Journey, Whitesnake, Styx, Poison, and Bon Jovi. If you love the 80s, this Broadway musical is a raucous mix of great rock music. 

After the show I met up with another group of friends who were ready for a night on the town. I met them at the Omni Royal where we all changed and headed to Antoine’s for dinner.

After dinner we went to Pat O’Brien’s and watched the LSU game on the big screens and Julie and I posed for a picture.

From there we walked down Bourbon Street and found a band we all liked playing at Fat Catz. We headed straight for the dance floor and stayed there until we needed air. Over the course of the night we found places to dance to top 40, 80s, blues, jazz, and latin music. I love to dance and so does this group of girls. We were all thankful for daylight savings and that extra hour of dancing.

I wonder if I can count this night as cardio?

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