Break is Over

“The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you. And you don’t have to listen.” ~Nike

  • Best thing about a shopping day with the hubs – LUNCH!
  • Terri and I completed our Saturday long run – 18 miles! So thankful that while running we discovered a new path. It helped us find 18 miles in our small town. I am learning about the mental part of running. I did a lot of talking to myself to finish the 18 miles. During the last two miles, the negative thoughts were really creeping in and I had to force myself to stay positive and tell myself I was strong enough to finish. I went through different mantras. I told myself I really didn’t feel too much pain. I said my legs aren’t really feeling tired. I convinced myself that the pain in my shoulder was just a little twinge. I just kept moving because it hurts more to stop at that point. I made it. Terri made it. We made it!

The Thanksgiving break is over. I leave in the morning for a 3-day technology conference for educators in New Orleans. I have a half marathon on Saturday in Baton Rouge.

Have a happy week of running!

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