Running (dancing, singing) in the Rain

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.”

Today marks exactly one month until my first full marathon. Terri and I are trying not to skip any of our scheduled runs. This means that today we had to run in a heavy rain.

At first, I was trying to run around puddles and find the “higher ground.” However, after a few minutes, it was raining so hard that the roads became quickly flooded. There was no avoiding the water. My clothes and shoes were drenched, but the funny thing about it…I found myself smiling and laughing. I was actually enjoying it! I could feel the adrenaline and pushed forward. I was having so much fun that I even added a little extra distance to the run. I was humming “Singing in the Rain” for most of the run and ended with some dance moves.

I started the run a little doubtful about getting it done, but I am so glad that I forged ahead. It was invigorating!


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