Louisiana Marathon

Registration for the Louisiana Marathon or Half goes up on January 1st, so register today if you haven’t! It is officially a Boston Qualifier route (although a BQ is only in my dreams). The Louisiana Marathon course features a fast, flat, runner-friendly path through the lakes, along the river, around downtown, on the university campus and in historic neighborhoods.

Runners and spectators will enjoy local music & entertainment along the course. Louisiana may be the birthplace of America’s only indigenous art form – jazz, but the state also hosts a diverse rance of musical styles: from country, gospel and blues to hip hop, rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll. You can expect to be entertained along the course by an incredible wealth of musical talent. (from theLouisiana Marathon website)

I am so excited to be able to run my first marathon in my home state. I also have to admit how nervous I am. We are about to begin our taper. We have one more long run of 16 miles on New Year’s Eve, then it is taper, taper, taper. I am a little sad to see the long runs come to an end. I wonder if this is normal

What is the longest run you include in your taper? (I have one plan that shows a 10 mile run 2 weeks before and the other shows a 4-miler with 6 x strides.)

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