Louisiana Marathon Part I

We arrived in Baton Rouge for the marathon on Saturday, January 14, the day before the marathon. We checked into our hotel and headed to the Louisiana Marathon Expo. At the expo we met Jeff Galloway, world-class athlete and founder of the Galloway Marathon Training program. He is such a nice and personable man.

After we met Jeff, we each purchased another GU, just in case. We found a Marathon t-shirt and magnet. Then we found the Art Print and bought one that is numbered and signed by the artist, Tuna Seither.

For lunch, Terri, Marcia, Renee, and I went to Bistro Byronz. Terri and I split a chicken and avocado sandwich. The bread was melt-in-your-mouth soft and good. It really made the sandwich outstanding. I hope to go back soon during Mardi Gras season to try the King Cake Bread Pudding. Sounds yummy!

It was time to rest after lunch, and then get all of our running gear ready for the race.  For dinner that evening Tori, Sharon, Terri, and I went to Carrabas for tasty pasta. We made it back to our hotel after dinner to watch an emotional Saints game! AND that’s ALL I have to say about the GAME!

Shortly after the game we showered and went to bed, but not to sleep. Oh no! Sleep wouldn’t come. I tossed and turned. I thought about the race…a pain in my knee…said prayers…was that a pain in my hip?!?!…turned over…prayed…straightened my leg…put a pillow between my legs…rolled over…prayed…11:30 bathroom…counted sheep or was it runners??…prayed…did I fall asleep??…2:15am…prayed…3:30am…I still have 45 minutes to sleep…go to sleep…3:45am…4:00am…4:15am!! My rooster alarm goes off and I get up to make coffee only to discover that our coffee pot doesn’t have a little basket and the coffee leaks all over the counter with only half of it making it into the cup. Oh well, I only wanted half of a cup.

The morning flys by and before I know it we are checked out of our hotel by 5:45am and on our way to the start line. Before the race we get pictures with our half marathon newbie friends, Tori and Sharon.

The morning is a chilly 39 degrees as we wait for gear check to open. As the sun begins to rise, we walk toward the state capital for the start of the race.

A race recap will follow soon.

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