Spirit’s 5K

Spirit’s 5K Race – Saturday, January 28

On Saturday I made the decision not to run a 5K that I had registered for. I felt that 2 weeks after the marathon was too soon for such a fast race. However, I went to the race to volunteer and support my running friends. As you can see, I am the only one without a race bib ūüė¶¬†

We were able to talk two new runner friends into running this 5K. Terri’s best friend, Charissa (2nd from left, above) and Glynis (2nd from right) both ran a great race.

The Spirit’s 5K is a friendly, flat, and fast course. The only downfall on this Saturday was a strong wind. Other than that, it was a beautiful day. The 209 runners lined up and the start began at 2:00pm.

Here are the results of our Avoyelles runners:

Marcia – 1st in her age group – 23:20

Renee – 2nd in her age group – 24:59

Terri paced Charissa for this race. We wanted Charissa to run the 5K without stopping to walk and she was successful! Terri and Charissa finished together Р29:22 РPlaced 1st and 2nd in their age group.

Another medal for my running partner, Terri.

For her first 5K, Glynis finished with a wonderful time of 29:03.

My favorite thing about the Spirit’s 5K is the King Cake…filled with apple, blueberry, strawberry, cream cheese…YUM! The pasta salad and jambalaya is also scrumptious every year!

Excellent times for all of my friends. I’m so proud of our growing Avoyelles running group.

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