Red River Run 10K Recap

Terri, Charissa, and I arrived together and immediately went to packet pickup. After getting our race bibs on, we saw our other running friends from Avoyelles. We all took a before photo.

The Alexandria Museum of Art opens its doors to the runners for use of the restrooms. I consider this an added perk for this race. Using a clean restroom beats port-a-potties any day!

Before I knew it, the announcement was made for the runners to line up. I made it to the lineup and thankfully Terri reminded me to start my watch. I pressed the training button and it began to search for the satellites. It was still searching when the horn blew signaling the start. I took off with the crowd and ran two blocks before the satellite was found. I pressed start.

We turned the first corner and my body and my breathing let me know I was going too fast. I gradually slowed to a more comfortable pace for the beginning, and used the first two miles to settle into my pace. After finding a comfortable race pace, I tried to hold steady and remain calm as runners passed me. I hoped that toward the end I would be able to push harder. As much as I wanted to go faster, I made myself hold back until the end. I waited until the last turn in the race to push for the finish. My mom was at the finish line taking pictures for us. Here is the picture she got of me coming in to the finish. I am the blur in the front. My official time was 46:05. Pace 7:26.

Terri had a PR with a time of 57:04:

Charissa’s new PR is 1:00:57:

The awards ceremony:

My time was good enough for 1st in the Masters Division. Yay! $100 and a monogrammed messenger bag. Marcia was 2nd and won $50!

Marcia and Me:

Terri was 3rd in her age group (We all love the canvas bags this year!):

I had to get a picture with my friend, Jack from Many, LA. He won the Seniors Division with a time of 43:36!

Terri and I took our traditional photo at the end of the race:

I also took a picture with my parents. They were our personal gear check, photographers, and cheerleaders. As soon as we crossed the finish line, my dad met us with our jackets on this cool, windy day. I am so thankful for them.

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