Egg Knockin’ on the Bayou

Saturday was one of the very few local 5K races for our community. It is held in Cottonport in conjunction with the “Egg Knockin’ on the Bayou Festival.” (Egg knocking is a tradition in our area and several surrounding communities have egg knocking contests for Easter. In order to “knock eggs” two people will agree to knock, then one will hold a boiled egg with the small end up while the other taps on it with the small en d of his egg. One egg will crack. The person whose egg has cracked will then have to forfeit his egg to the winner. This custom is carried out in several Cajun communities throughout South Louisiana. In some areas the practice is referred to as “Pacques Pacques”, which simply means “Easter Easter” in French, but is also a play on words because the sound of an egg tapping on another egg makes a sound like “poc poc”. ~Sherry Lane Dunbar)

The 5K began at 8:00am and the weather was beautiful. It was announced that the time clock wasn’t working and we would have to rely on our watches.  

I didn’t get any pictures of the route, but Cottonport has a serene bayou that we ran around. Along the route were locals fishing in the bayou, a few spectators in front yards, and ducks swimming in the bayou. Like all 5K runs, the race flies by. Before I knew it, I could see the finish line. The race was actually only 3.05 miles according to my watch and several others.

My finish time on my Garmin was 21:02 (a PR), but I know the race was a little short so my time would have been a little more.

Terri coming in for the finish:

Results: Division 31 & older: (L to R) DeeDee (3rd Place), Me (2nd Place), Marcia (1st Place)

A picture of our Avoyelles running ladies celebrating another fun race:

Our friend, Matthew, who is making great strides and PRs at each race.

The traditional picture with my running partner, Terri:

Happy Easter and happy running!

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